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Dear Friends, Neighbors, and Supporters of Highland Medical Center,


In the heart of our rural community the Highland Medical Center provides hope and healing. The health and well-being of our neighbors is important to all of us. In our beautiful area, where the closest hospital is miles away, our medical center stands as a lifeline for those in need.

2023 has been a very busy and challenging year for HMC; one of continuing to rebuild after COVID, one of transforming our physical space to better serve our patients, and one of maintaining and enhancing the many services that we provide to our communities. Rest assured that HMC continues to work diligently to recruit medical provider staff to increase patient access to care.

Transforming the Highland Medical Center

HMC received targeted grant awards from HRSA to fund special projects. This funding has allowed us to complete substantial renovations to Highland Medical Center:            

    • We redesigned the reception area to increase capacity and support safety.
    • We enlarged our pharmacy space to accommodate additional services, including increased immunization offerings, and medication therapy management services to increase patient safety.
    • We have redesigned and are increasing the physical therapy space.
    • With the facility updates, HMC is refreshing our mission, vision, values, and look. You will start to see our new logo and an updated website will be coming soon!

Staffing Additions

We are SO excited to be reopening our Dental services this month!  Our dental team is assembled and getting ready to start offering services. Watch our website, Facebook, the newspaper, and listen to local radio for more information.

We have added a Registered Dietician who is also a Certified Diabetic Care and Education Specialist to increase health and wellness education and to help patients learn to manage their chronic disease with food.

There are many challenges to operating in a rural setting. HMC continues to rise to meet these challenges. Your generous support can make an everlasting impact, ensuring that essential healthcare remains accessible to all, regardless of their geographic remoteness or financial constraints. Your contribution serves to help keep our medical center operational and empowers us to expand our services, reaching even more individuals who depend on us for their well-being. Together, we can ensure that health knows no boundaries, and every member of our community has the care they deserve.

Thank you for considering this crucial cause; your tax deductible support is the key to a healthier, happier future for us all.


Monika L. Eckard
Monika L. Eckard, President
HMC Governing Board

Letitia R. Amirault
Letitia Rexrode Amirault, MSN, FNP-C
HMC Chief Executive Officer