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Dear Friends and Supporters of the Highland Medical Center,

As I look back on the last four years of my membership on the HMC Board of Directors, I am frequently awed by the progress that has already occurred and that which we will see in the near future.  Our goal is to provide the best service possible to our patients, filling as many needs as we possibly can.

As a nonprofit facility in an area that is medically underserved, HMC has been blessed by the awarding of various grants to offer and expand a number of the services that are now available.  The most visible recent grant was the Capital Development Grant that resulted in the renovation and expansion of the Center. Highland Medical Center has also recently been awarded a grant that will enable the center to move forward with establishing a pharmacy onsite.  After many years of thought and planning, we are now on schedule to open our very own pharmacy in January or February of 2016, a service that our patients and communities have long requested.

The Highland Medical Center would not have been able to improve our facilities and expand our services without grants, but these do not fund everything.  Equipment must be purchased and maintained, and grant monies only go so far underwriting services.  As a nonprofit Community Health Center, HMC turns no patient away regardless of their ability to pay.  Your donations are needed to ensure that we can continue to provide the best medical care that we can offer.  Please take this opportunity to take part in caring for the health of the communities we serve.

Thank you in advance for your donations.

Charles “Mike” Wilke


HMC Board of Directors

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