Board of Directors


The Board of Directors of the Highland Medical Center, Inc. is dedicated to promoting the health of all community members and visitors by providing high quality, comprehensive and cost-effective primary care and preventive services.

The Board consists of community members from Bath, Highland, Pendleton and Pocahontas counties; and is responsible for the operation of the community health center pursuant to the Public Health Services Act.

Mr. Gregory N. Robinson, Pres.

Ms. Nancy Vance, Vice Pres.

Ms. Harmony Leonard, Sec.

Ms. Kristie Siron, Treas.

Mr. Charles Michael Wilke, Im/Past Pres.

Mr. Josh Umar

Mr. Neal Mohlmann

Mr. Don Williams

Ms. Mary Schooler

Mr. Bobby Keesecker

Mr. Gene “Bugs” Phillips

Mr. Terry Allamong

Mr. Adam Gillispie

Mrs. Tracey McCray

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